About State Lubricant

Our company

Thai Petroleum & Trading Co., LTD. (TP&T) was founded with 1 million Baht registered starting fund in 1952. It was set up by MR. Kachorn Tingthanathikul. The main businesses of the company are to Manufacture, Market and Distribute Lubricant Oils and Greases, Plastic Containers and Automotive Batteries. In 1985, Starting Distributing and Marketing STATES brand in Thailand and ASEAN markets.

STATES, the brand that offers high quality lubricant products with the most advanced technology to meet and exceed worldwide recognized industry standards.

– The first of Motorcycle engine oils which meeting JASO MA2 and JASO MB version 2011 in Thailand.

– Use of advance technology “HYDRO-TREATED TECHNOLOGY” to product High Performance Diesel Engine oils.

With the strict and consistent Quality Management System, our plants were awarded the ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 14001 Certification of its Environmental Management system. This indicates the guarantee in products quality and a trustworthy reputation of its manufacturer, STATES.